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At Armor Guys, we have been researching and developing hand and arm protection since 1992. Today we offer the most comprehensive range of safety gloves in the US market. You will select among 8 distinctive ranges (Kyorene, Taeki5, Basetek, Extraflex, Chemiflex, Duty, Perfotek and HPG) a hand protection tailor made for your needs. All our products are manufactured in ISO certified facilities, utilizing the most modern and technologically advanced equipment, and complying with the highest safety norms in the market, ANSI and EN. 
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What Protection?

Armor Guys brings your hands, arms and body the highest protection levels for multiple applications.

Which Application?

We have developed a variety of styles to meet all industries needs and the toughest environment.

Which standard?

All our Armor Guys products meet the toughest quality, safety and environmental standards in the world.

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Today’s Work Environment Requires New PPE Technologies

Engineered tooling systems for aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, and industrial applications give high-performance cutting and abrasive action. As an example, companies have developed super-abrasive products that include metal, resin, and hybrid bonds and use different abrasive shapes. The speed a..Read more

Case Study One: A large American steel manufacturer

The Aramid glove we were wearing was not resistant to the light and changed color and properties overtime. The abrasion resistance was also very low and the glove was losing lint during the working operation which was polluting the work station and affecting negatively our process. Also the heat requirement was important for us which disqualifies all alternative options than Aramid.
Solution is the 2015 Taeki5 glove provided by Armor Guys which provides high cut and heat resistance and also lint free and longer wearability.

A problem at your workplace? Consider it Armor Guys solved!

Quality, performance and functionality speak for itself. Since its introduction on the market, TAEKI5® multiple pallets of properties has allowed safety professionals to address unmet requirements from the end-users and make the workplace a safer place for the men and women.